Plant-based and Vegan diets – remembering iodine

Iodine – an important nutrient for plant-based and vegan diets PhD student Martha Redway presents key points to make sure the nutrient is not overlooked. Was your New Year’s resolution to eat more plants? Maybe you even took part in Veganuary, an international campaign to go animal product-free for the month of January? If you’ve decided that you’d prefer a […]

Polyphenolics & fibre – from new foods to intervention studies

An interview with Wardah Talib, intern with the BLEND project In November 2018, I completed master’s in Biotechnology and Management from University of Glasgow and interned for three months in the Human Nutrition section, at the University of Glasgow. It was a multidisciplinary experience, assisting Prof Christine Edwards & Dr Emilie Combet in running the […]

Spotlight on current research – the BLEND study & gut health

Innovating through the study of fibre and polyphenols interaction in foods By Emilie Combet, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, and Christine Edwards, Professor of Nutritional Physiology    Our research unit has a big interest in polyphenolics and heath. The BLEND project is a 3-year study focusing on the interaction between two important components in our food: […]