We need to speak about Iodine

Dietary guidance and information in pregnancy – where does iodine stand? By Maira Bouga, PhD candidate and  Emilie Combet, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition   Iodine is an important nutrient, especially during pregnancy – however, very few women have ever heard of it. In fact, it is very rarely mentioned during antenatal care, despite its important […]

Variability in the metabolism of plant bioactives & ageing

Is the capacity of the gut to break down and absorb plant bioactives different in older people compared to younger people? by Emilie Combet, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, and Christine Edwards, Professor of Nutritional Physiology   Polyphenolics are small compounds found in most plant foods – they are classified as “bioactives” because research shows that […]

Growth charts and cerebral palsy – Scottish children with CP taller than US counterparts

New growth charts can help identify Scottish children with CP in need of extra help Prof Charlotte Wright, Paediatrician with an interest in nutrition   As a paediatrician with an interest in nutrition I have always been interested in growth charts and led the group that redesigned the UK charts a few years back.  However […]