Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog, which will feature our research activities in Human Nutrition at Glasgow. We are looking forward to sharing plans for new projects and updates on ongoing research.

Human Nutrition consists of a core of academic staff actively supported by research fellows and assistants, research nurses, research dietitians and other specialists.

Nutrition is a body of integrated sciences that underpin all biomedical and health research:

human nutrition
is what we are
and how we are
underpinning all biomedical and health research
at Glasgow

Human Nutrition research always aims to inform, and change, practice and policy. It has impacts for ordinary people, and for commercial activities as well as health policies. It is funded from government agencies, research councils, charities and commercial companies, and is usually collaborative. The major focuses are on obesity/diabetes/cardiovascular risk, gut health and function, and on certain micronutrients and dietary compounds, such as iodine and plant-food products.

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